April 9th Update

posted Apr 9, 2020, 10:44 AM by Sean Crookshank   [ updated Apr 9, 2020, 10:45 AM ]

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Prayer For A Spring Day


Blessed are you, Lord,

for the glories of Spring.

The world bursts with

the signs of resurrection;

Flowers stir in their winter beds,

Poking through

the last traces of snow.

The sun drenches us with its

warmth, stirring the hidden and

waiting life

within the earth, within us.

The world awakening

reflects the movement of my heart,

and I am touched

in the depths of my spirit.

At work is the power in your hands,

the Spirit drawing life from

things both old and new.

To be praised are you. Lord

for the blessings of Spring.

-B. Arbour

Easter Weekend

As we come up to Easter Weekend, the staff at St. Brother André would like to wish you all the best as we celebrate the incredible sacrifice Jesus did for us.  Even though this is a very difficult and trying time for many, please do take the time to celebrate with Christians around the world the gift that Jesus gave to us, the forgiveness of sin.

Staff will continue to reach out weekly for educational activities for their students.  If you do have any concerns or questions, please do contact your child’s teacher and we will do the best to assist.

Continue to stay strong, thanking the many essential workers, from front line workers to city workers continuing to maintain our streets, and to appreciating the blessings we do have through this unique time.

Sean Crookshank


Below is a link to some kid friendly Youtube videos on Easter:

The Last Supper - Bible Stories  for Kids

The Story of Easter - The Last Supper

The Story of Easter – The Beginner’s Bible


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