posted Jan 23, 2019, 8:07 AM by Sean Crookshank

BUSES CANCELLED/SNOW DAY PROCEDURE: On days when transportation is cancelled and/or there is inclement weather the school remains open so we kindly ask that parents of all students (bus and walk) call the school if your child will be remaining at home. It is difficult to predict if and when some students (busers and walkers) will decide to come to school via other means or not and we want to ensure the safe arrival of everyone travelling in inclement weather.

To report an absence, please leave a very brief clear voicemail message stating your child’s name and whether they are absent due to the bus, weather or illness. If the voice mailbox is full please try again soon or you may also send an email to brother.andre@ocsb.ca  Subject Line: Child’s Full Name and reason for the absence.

As usual, an automated attendance call will go out for any student who is not accounted for. Be advised you must listen to at least the first few seconds of that call to prevent the system from repeatedly calling.

Finally, when transportation is cancelled it remains cancelled for the entire day; you must pick your child up at dismissal at 3:00pm.

Sign up for transportation notices at: ocsb.ca and ottawaschoolbus.ca

Thank you for your patience & cooperation!