Junk Yard Symphony

posted Jan 16, 2015, 9:04 AM by Patricia Phalen

On Mon. Jan. 19th, the Junkyard Symphony will be giving a musical performance for students from JK to Gr. 6. Junkyard Johnny combines awesome antics, radiant rhythms, plenty of participation and a recycling message. Jonny teaches the 4 R’s of waste reduction—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rock !!! - using reclaimed materials as musical instruments and circus props for juggling and acrobatic stunts. He invites students and teachers on stage to jam with the band on recycled instruments.

From Mon. Jan. 19th to Thurs. Jan. 22nd Junkyard Johnny will be giving workshops to each class from Kindergarten to Gr. 6. In this Rhythm Workshop the students will have an opportunity to play recycled drums, in a drum circle while learning fundamental musical concepts. The students will make an instrument from recycled materials, while learning about the importance of waste reduction.