MedicAlert No Child Without program

posted Sep 7, 2017, 7:31 AM by Sean Crookshank
We're helping to save lives with MedicAlert No Child Without program 
Did you know that one in five Canadian children are in need of a MedicAlert ID? These children have medical conditions or allergies and are at risk every day. If something happens, they could be too shy, too scared or unable to say what's wrong. 

MedicAlert is the most trusted, most recommended medical ID service provider in Canada. For more than 55 years, MedicAlert has protected the lives of over one million Canadians by offering exclusive services to those in need. Through the No Child Withoutcharitable program, founded by MedicAlert in 2006, students attending participating schools can receive a free MedicAlert medical ID and free MedicAlert service plan coverage until their 14th birthday. 

Our participation in the MedicAlert No Child Without program enables these lifesaving services become available to all of our students who need it, regardless of their financial situations. 

No Child Without has helped kids like 9-year-old Joshua, who bravely points to his MedicAlert ID bracelet during a seizure to tell others what's wrong. 

"It put my mind at ease that the MedicAlert bracelet meant people could help him. I never imagined that he would use his MedicAlert ID to communicate," says his proud mom, Laurie. 

Parents and guardians, please consider this program if your child lives with:
  • Anaphylaxis or severe allergy to foods, drugs or chemicals

  • Asthma, diabetes, autism, and other congenital diseases

  • Medical devices, such as insulin pump and cochlear implant

  • Medications like prednisone, insulins, and EpiPen®

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