Nov. 16 Updates

posted Nov 16, 2017, 12:35 PM by Sean Crookshank

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Western Day for United Way...students are encouraged to dress up in western theme gear and bring in a small donation for United Way.

As well, School Council has a few extra boxes of chocolate that have not been sold...if you are interested in helping out and selling the last few boxes, please let the office know.

We are asking for parents assistance in ensuring the safety of all our students. There are some students who have severe allergies to various types of nuts, dairy, various fruits, etc.. It is very difficult if parents bring in birthday cakes or treats for the classroom teacher to serve. There are other ways to celebrate this special day. You may wish to send in a pencil, a sticker, fruit tray, or just have the class wish the birthday child well. Please make our school a safe place for all.

Just a reminder that there are two handicapped parking spots in the lot; one right at the front door and the other is the first spot in the big lot. These spots are for those who have a handicapped sticker. They are not to be used for drop-off spots. Thank you for your co-operation.