November Newsletter

posted Nov 3, 2020, 11:04 AM by Sean Crookshank

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November Newsletter


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Peace Prayer

The fruit of silence is PRAYER

The fruit of prayer is FAITH

The fruit of faith is LOVE

The fruit of faith is SERVICE

The fruit of service is PEACE

Mother Teresa


On Wednesday, November 11th, we will remember Canada’s soldiers, sailors and airmen who have given their lives for their country. There will be a short ceremony shared in the classrooms over Google Meets. Students who are in Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Sparks, Brownies, Guides or Cadets, are invited to wear their uniforms for our service.  

We look forward to taking the time to honour all those who have served our wonderful country.

Sean Crookshank



Each student will receive a poppy sticker on November 11th. We do not have our usual donation box in the office this year. If you wish, you may make a donation using School Cash Online. The final total will be forwarded to our local legion to support our veterans.


On Friday, Nov. 13th, the staff of St. Brother André will be participating in professional development activities. Just a reminder that there is no school for children on that day. 


This year, elementary students in Gr. 1—8 will have the fall progress report card (Nov.9th) uploaded to the parent portal.  Kindergarten initial observations will be posted on the portal at a later date (Nov. 18th).

The fall progress report card:

  • Encourages early and ongoing communication between you and your child’s teacher.

  • Tells you how well your child is developing the learning skills and work habits we know are essential for success

  • Continues to report on all academic subjects-such as language, math, social studies, science and technology—but instead of assigning a grade or mark, it will tell you how well your child is progressing: “very well”, “well” or “with difficulty”

  • Highlights strengths and areas to improve before evaluations are completed

  • Includes comments from your child’s teacher that are personalized, clear and meaningful.

If you are new to the school and/or have not already registered for the Parent Portal please click on this link. OCSB Parent Portal .


The parent-teacher conference will occur over the week of Nov. 9th to 20th.  Your child’s teacher will contact you to discuss their progress and answer any questions you might have.


As most of you are aware, we use School Messenger to Communicate with our parent community. During the lockdown and into the start of the school year most messages were sent as “Emergency” messages to ensure the majority of people received our correspondence. If you are new to the school and/or you have never opted in to School Messenger, it is important that you check to ensure you are getting all types of messages. This is also particularly important for parents who have children attending the Virtual Academy as this is the main source of communication.

Opt in to receive emails

To receive all types of email messages, you must opt in. Otherwise, we will only send you emergency and attendance email messages.  (Families with children in our Board since 2017 and who had previously provided Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation(CASL) consent will receive General messages.)

You can opt in by creating an account with SchoolMessenger and choosing your contact preferences for each type of message. To receive any emails sent by the school, your preference must be set to “yes” for General Messages. To receive any emails that may be sent by your child's teacher, your preference must be set to “yes” for Teacher-to-Parent Messaging. 

Create your SchoolMessenger account

  1. Go to to learn how to create your account.

  2. Create your account using the email address you provided when you registered your child for school.

  3. Choose your contact preferences for each type of message.

Have questions? 

If you are having difficulty creating your parent account, please email the OCSB at


Therefore, for safety reasons, it is in the best interests of children who walk, ride their bicycles or receive a ride from a parent/guardian not to arrive prior to 8:15 a.m.


In the event of a severe snow or ice storm, parents are reminded that local radio and T.V. stations will begin broadcasting cancellation of transportation starting at 6:00AM. Generally the schools remain open. Parents who drop off their children are reminded that they must make arrangements to pick them up as well - once buses have been cancelled in the morning they do not run for that entire day. 

The Board provides a link on the school’s website to inform parents of bus cancellations. (See the traffic light - red indicates cancelled busses).  As well, one can visit the  OSTA website for the latest updates on bus cancellations, late buses, etc. (


Throughout the school year the school carries out a number of drills to ensure the safety of students and staff. One such drill is a fire drill to practice evacuating the school. Another safety drill is a Secure Classroom Drill, in which students are secured within their classrooms. It may be necessary for students to remain in their classroom with their teacher for a variety of reasons such as medical emergencies, and so on. The third type of Drill that is practiced is a Lockdown. In a lockdown classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off and the students and teachers move away from doors and windows, to wait quietly until a Police Officer or the Principal unlocks the classroom door. This procedure would be used in an emergency situation to protect staff and students. Over the year this procedure will continue to be reviewed with staff and students. If you have any questions about any of these safety procedures, do not hesitate to contact the school. 


Because St. Brother Andre School is committed to improving student achievement, we are concerned when a child arrives late to school for any reason. The process of education requires instruction that is based on

skill building, class participation, learning experiences and study. Frequent lates affect your child’s

learning opportunities. When students have too many absences and/or lates, they are missing valuable classroom instructional time.

The Education Act of Ontario, 1989, Sec.20 (5) states that, “the parent or guardian of a child who is

required to attend school under the section shall cause the child to attend school as required by this

Section.” Regulation 262 (1989), Sec 23 (d) under The Education Act of Ontario, 1989 states that “A pupil shall attend class punctually​ and regularly”.

We work very hard to ensure that your child receives the best education possible and are certain that you

share our concern regarding missed instruction. Please help us to provide the outstanding education your

child deserves by ensuring that your child is at school each day to participate in the learning on time.

The school bell rings at 8:30 and if your child isn’t in their classroom when the bell rings they are considered late and must be signed in at the office.  For the benefit of your child’s success, we thank you in advance for your support in this matter.




UPDATED SCREENING GUIDELINES (click on link to read)



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