October Newsletter

posted Oct 2, 2020, 11:42 AM by Sean Crookshank

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Gracious God, we come before you in thanksgiving for the gifts you have given. The colour of this season reminds us of the beauty You alone can create. We are thankful for the food You provide in the harvest. You have filled the earth with your gifts. You have blessed us. We are ever grateful, Lord, and we continue to sing your praises.

Principal’s Message

As we all lead our busy lives, we must remind ourselves and our children to pause and take a moment to be thankful for the many wonderful things we are blessed with in our lives.  This is especially true as we continue to navigate so many changes that have and continue to take place during this unique time.   We wish you all the best during this time of thanks,

Sean Crookshank


Provincial Report Cards

Once again this year, elementary students in Gr. 1—8 will bring home a fall progress report card (Nov.) and two provincial report cards, one in winter (Feb.) and one at the end of the school year (June).

The fall progress report card:

  encourages early and ongoing communication between you and your child’s teacher.

  Tells you how well your child is developing the learning skills and work habits we know are essential for success

  Continues to report on all academic subjects-such as language, math, social studies, science and technology—but instead of assigning a grade or mark, it will tell you how well your child is progressing: “very well”, “well” or “with difficulty”

  Highlights strengths and areas to improve before evaluations are completed

  Includes comments from your child’s teacher that are personalized, clear and meaningful.

  Progress Report cards will go home on Friday, October 31st, 2020 (TBD if paper or electronic).      

Lockdowns and Secured Classroom Drills

Throughout the school year the school carries out a number of drills to ensure the safety of students and staff. One such drill is a fire drill to practice evacuating the school. Another safety drill is a Secure Classroom Drill, in which students are secured within their classrooms. It may be necessary for students to remain in their classroom with their teacher for a variety of reasons such as medical emergencies, and so on. The third type of Drill that is practiced is a Lockdown. In a lockdown classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off and the students and teachers move away from doors and windows, to wait quietly until a Police Officer or the Principal unlocks the classroom door. This procedure would be used in an emergency situation to protect staff and students. Over the last few weeks, this procedure has been  reviewed with staff and students.  Lockdown practices are on hold for now but are discussed in class by staff so students know what to do in the event one is called. If you have any questions about any of these safety procedures, do not hesitate to contact the school.

Remember to be COVIDWise:

W – Wear a mask or face covering where required, or when you cannot maintain a physical distance of two metres (six feet).• I – Isolate yourself from others when you are sick (and get tested promptly if you have COVID-like symptoms).

S – Stay two metres (six feet) apart from those outside your household.

E – Exercise proper hand hygiene; wash your hands regularly or use sanitizer

        especially before touching your face.

Please see the information below for the Parent Verification Form:

The recommendation of the school board is to have parents verify student information via the parent portal. This information is pulled from PowerSchool.  Should you have new or changed information, please email the school with any changes at brother.andre@ocsb.ca . All of the information regarding registration and access to the Parent Portal is found on our website at https://www.ocsb.ca/parentportal/ Staff have been hired to troubleshoot any issues with the portal for the first few weeks of school. 

Opt in to receive emails

To receive all types of email messages, you must opt in. Otherwise, we will only send you emergency and attendance email messages.  (Families with children in our Board since 2017 and who had previously provided Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation(CASL) consent will receive General messages.)

You can opt in by creating an account with SchoolMessenger and choosing your contact preferences for each type of message. To receive any emails sent by the school, your preference must be set to “yes” for General Messages. To receive any emails that may be sent by your child's teacher, your preference must be set to “yes” for Teacher-to-Parent Messaging. 

Create your SchoolMessenger account

  1. Go to ocsb.ca/SchoolMessenger to learn how to create your account.

  2. Create your account using the email address you provided when you registered your child for school.

  3. Choose your contact preferences for each type of message.

Have questions? 

If you are having difficulty creating your parent account, please email the OCSB at School.Messenger@ocsb.ca.

Baptism, First Reconciliation, and First Holy Communion:


FirstPrep Ministry at Annunciation of the Lord Parish will be offering preparation for the sacraments for school aged children up to grade 6.

If you would like a Sacrament Preparation Information Letter about our programming this year, please email FirstPrep:   firstprep@annunciation-ottawa.com    

before Friday, October 23rd, 2020. 

Parents who are interested in more information will be asked to register for an online meeting to be held Sunday, October 25 2-3pm.

Online Sacrament Preparation Registration for 2020-21 year will be held between October 26- November 9, 2020.  

Sacrament Preparation Registration will close November 10, 2020.  

Any parent wishing to defer preparation for the sacraments till another year will be welcome to inquire at a later time.


Late Arrivals:

As you are aware it is a different time! We are asking parents to please ensure your child arrives between 8:15 and 8:30 and enters through the proper door. We are attempting to keep the flow of traffic to a minimum, particularly in the office area. If your child must be late due to an appointment, please call and notify the school. As parents are not able to enter the school, it is up to Mrs. Benoit to manually sign students in. Also a student being late misses out on important learning time. 

Item Drop Off:

We understand that on occasion a student forgets lunch, homework, etc. If you must drop items off at the front door, please ensure that the student’s name is written clearly. With people wearing masks and the speaker not being the clearest, it is difficult for Mrs. Benoit to know who is getting the delivery. Thank you for your co-operation.



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